Future Built on Knowledge

Greta Sofia Lampis

She is currently attending the Public Policy and Administration trilingual master’s degree course at the Free University of Bozen. She has earned a Degree in Economic and Social Sciences from the University of Bozen with a thesis, in English, on the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market. Her thesis analyzes in particular the current and future use of artificial intelligence in South Tyrol and its effects on jobs through an empirical research project conducted on 214 companies based in South Tyrol.
Her interests include economic policy, public policies, innovation, artificial intelligence and philosophy. She was an intern at the European Parliament in Brussels where she dealt with cultural and social policies and investigated in-depth socio-economic issues such as circular economy, ethical and sustainable finance as well as policies to fight poverty. She collaborates as a freelance journalist with QuiBolzano, a biweekly magazine that offers insights on various issues related to the social life of the city of Bozen giving space to community initiatives, associations, cultural events and citizens’ ideas. She has been vice-president of the K!kero student cultural association and is currently an active member of various volunteer associations in Bozen’s cultural and social sphere. FBK Magazine Guest Blogger since December 2019.

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