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  • January 30, 2017
    FBK in “The Economist”
    Technology of language and religions. Trento-based Fondazione Bruno Kessler mentioned twice this month in the worldwide reknown weekly magazine.
  • January 20, 2017
    As of this year, FBK is among the scientific partners of the Festival
  • January 20, 2017
    Bill Gates quotes an FBK study at WEF 2017
    For his speech at the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates used data from a study on the Ebola virus conducted by researchers at FBK of Trento in collaboration with Northeastern University in Boston, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, Florida University and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.
  • January 15, 2017
    “The importance of communicating science” is the next Science Cafè
    The next event of this series, scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, at 6.00 pm at the MUSE Science Museum is entitled "The importance of communicating science", and will feature Federico Taddia, tv writer and journalist for La Stampa and Radio24.
  • January 14, 2017
    Fashion & technology together against violence on women
    At the presence of Council Member. Sara Ferrari (PaT), the FBK Povo premises turned into a catwalk. The models were the students of Centro Moda Canossa. The garments worn, equipped with multi-purpose sensors, are the result of an experiment which sees research and school work side by side. The objectives: create new opportunities for young people and fight violence against women.
  • January 14, 2017
    DOMOSENS, team play for a winning product
    The kick-off meeting of the DOMOSENS project, which involves 6 Trentino schools was held on October 13, 2016.
  • January 12, 2017
    Japanese leading company chooses FBK to develop their innovative sensors
    The agreement for two more years of collaboration between HORIBA and the Trento-based research center was signed in Kyoto.
  • January 11, 2017
    Mobility Story: Maurizio Dapor
    Maurizio Dapor shares his 3-month-studying experience in Spain at the University of Alicante to collaborate with a group of theoretical physicists interested in energy deposition along the track of proton beams.
  • January 11, 2017
    A new innovative services laboratory for Giudicarie established
    Thursday, December 15, 2016, a "Laboratory for services" with locations spread across the Giudicarie Valley area was started, with three areas of application: in school - through the establishment of information and learning sessions, and with the design and start of a Fab Lab; in the Valley Joint Government and municipalities - with the activation of dedicated services; in the "Business realm" - with the development of services for businesses and for hoteliers so as to enable them to receive and deliver services based on new communication technologies.
  • January 10, 2017
    Digital Manufacturing Designer: a new higher education program
    FBK's President Francesco Profumo will be present at the professional school G. Veronesi for the launch of the new master education program in Digital Manufacturing Designer, in room Piave at the Polo Tecnologico in Rovereto on January 11th starting at 4pm.
  • January 10, 2017
    “Youth and digital reading”, a chat with Davide Azzolini
    In the framework of the cycle of scientific meetings promoted by Trentino Higher Education and Research System on Wednesday, February 15, at 6pm at MUSE, the researcher Davide Azzolini from the Institute of Research Evaluation of Public Policies (IRVAPP) will talk about youth and digital reading.
  • January 10, 2017
    Collaboration with Cisco Systems
    Cisco Systems, the world leader in sales of equipment and solutions for telecommunications, is increasingly involved in a fruitful collaboration with the research center FBK - CREATE-NET in particular with the Future Networks unit in the field of networks based on optical fibers, with the objective of working together with the next generation of Internet networks.
  • January 9, 2017
    Dedagroup and Fondazione Bruno Kessler create the co-innovation lab
    Technology, new standards and best practices for the interoperability of data and services to support digital transformation.
  • January 9, 2017
    The geothermal map of Trentino is online
    The geothermal map of Trentino is online. The work, presented during a technical conference at Trento-based Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), is the result of the GEOTERM project and is now available.
  • January 9, 2017
    FESTA: the european project to promote women’s scientific careers closes
    The "FESTA - GARCIA" final conference takes place in Brussels today and tomorrow. The event was jointly organized by FBK (FESTA project) and Université Catholique de Louvain (GARCIA project) which has 135 members including academics from all over Europe, and also from the US and several European Commission officials as well as businesses representatives.
  • January 9, 2017
    The provocative potential of religious freedom. Experiences of a UN rapporteur
    UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion Heiner Bielefeldt was the protagonist of the Bruno Kessler Lecture, the conference organized annually by the Trentino based research center with internationally renowned scholars.
  • January 7, 2017
    IRVAPP WINTER SCHOOL 2017 – Fundamentals and Methods for Impact Evaluation of Public Policies
    From February 13 to 18 will take place the school organized by FBK-IRVAPP (Institute for evaluative research of public policies) at the Venetian Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts in Venice.
  • January 4, 2017
    Google Prize to Carlo Strapparava: the only Italian researcher that won the contest
    Carlo Strapparava from Trento based FBK has created a software system that can tell emotions from a text. He is the only Italian researcher that has won the international contest organized early this year.
  • January 4, 2017
    2017 Highlight Events
    Looks like 2017 will be an eventful year for Fondazione Bruno Kessler. Alongside the initiatives dedicated to the discussion on FBK's research topics, the attention to dissemination to a broad audience, as well as to collaborations with prestigious national and European organizations, remains high.
  • January 3, 2017
    Professionals of tomorrow. Which roles will be required in the future?
    Who will be the professionals of tomorrow? Which roles will be required by a labor market that is constantly changing and an increasingly global scenario, competitive and interconnected? How shall the school be in terms of education, space, tools and curricula to really train the professionals of tomorrow?