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Stefano Merler

Director, Center for Health Emergencies, FBK

Stefano Merler is the director of Trento based Fondazione Bruno Kessler’s Health Emergencies Center. An epidemiologist, he deals with computational models for the study of the propagation of infectious diseases. He is the author of over 130 scientific studies published in the most important journals in the sector and, for his activity, he has won the Bellman and Aspen awards in 2015 and 2016 respectively. For over twenty years, with the group of mathematical epidemiologists at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, he has been developing quantitative epidemiology methods to strengthen epidemiological surveillance.

Complete bio sketch available at this link.

A summary of the studies and the main findings coordinated by Stefano Merler on Covid-19 is also available here: PREDICTIVE MODELS TO CONTRAST THE SPREAD OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC


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